Friday, May 16, 2014

One of Those Days!

Life has been happening at a rather alarming rate of speed lately. 
This last week was very glorious in some ways.
And in others, if I look back and reflect, I get a headache just thinking about everything that I did.

The middle of the week was particularily disturbing. In a matter of 24hrs the following events occurred:
First, I  locked my keys in the van in downtown IA City whilst in the middle of trying to pull off a surprise birthday outing for my sister. (more on this later. but needless to say it was one of the more NOT glam moments in my life and quite a complicating process to remedy the situation)
Second, I had to rip out a TON of tight little stitches in an important sewing project that has a looming deadline (deadlines and ripping stitches always go together. always. they are inseparable. trust me. sadly I have way too much experience in this)
And thirdly....I meant to take the dish straight from the oven and set it on the table for lunch...but somehow it flew out of my hands, skidded across the table and over the edge guessed it. There now was cassorole and a million pieces of glass all over the kitchen floor.

It was just one of those days. Those were the three main "moments" but there were quite a few other incidents mixed in there as well. After #3 occurred I sat down, put my head in my hands, and howled with laughter. 
(when you're a more non-emotional person and you don't cry easily you have to have some way to express yourself so generally you laugh hysterically instead =))

And finally, lest I forget the above picture...that was taken yesterday, when my dad needed me to do some painting projects for him in town. It was just spray painting, so not like "real" painting, but nontheless I still put on old clothes because I ALWAYS manage to get dirty no matter what I'm doing. (I'm still a two year old in that respect) 
Well somehow, the wind was blowing, and I was in a hurry and not paying much attention to where the paint was going other than the bookshelf. I was trying to get the project done quickly because we had company arriving soon and I needed to get home to finish up preparing for that. As I was painting along as fast as I could I kept having to stick my head inside of the bookshelf so I could make sure that I was getting all the corners. I finally finished the projects. My brothers were working nearby and came to tell me that they were ready to go.They looked at me with that strange kind of smile that warns you that something isn't quite as it should be. (you know the kind) Brother #2 so kindly informed me, "Chels, have black paint on your nose." My nose? How in the world...?? I flew to the bathroom to verify He was definitely being kind to only mention my nose. He didn't mention my neck..and forehead..and hair. HAIR. 
Ha, always wondered what I would look like with black hair. I wonder no longer...

The picture at the top was the before picture, at the beginning of the project, although you can see that I had already started to get the paint on my hands. I took no pictures at the end. Just trust me, I looked REALLY disturbing. Picture an adult chimney sweep with a completely black nose, brown/black hair (that is sticking out everywhere because the paint has now dried) black speckled neck and face, and nearly completely black hands.
 Yeah, we're better off without the "after" photo. =)
Thank goodness for soap and hot water and elbow grease. I still have some paint in my fingernails, and I'm not convinced that its all washed out of my hair yet. But most of me has returned to normal, and that's what counts. =)

That is just a tiny little glimpse of my week. The rest was lovely, really. Lots of hard work, lots of big projects at church and at home, and several groups of very fun company, amongst other things. 

Even those above moments, that were so disturbing at the time? I can laugh about them now. =) My mother always told me that times like that grow character, and I'm trying to remember that!

In closing, I am pretty pumped that in just a few hours here, I'm taking off for a cousin's wedding in the grand state of Ohio. Super excited about seeing some of the Stoltzfus cousinhood again! And of course attending a wedding is always awesome. Doesn't get much better than the two of those things combined! =) 
Y'all can be looking for some wedding loveliness on the blog sometime next week! 

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Oh, you poor thing, you! Wow, what a week. So glad you can laugh about it all -- that's an example to us more emotional types. ;) Thanks for being open + real. You're a blessing, girl!

  2. Oh man, wow. :) I've been finding lately that you definitely have to stop and laugh over the bizarre and stressful happenings in life--otherwise you get way too stressed and end up in meltdown mode every other day. ;) Just the other day I laughed so much that I was practically crying, my stomach hurt, and it brought on coughing fits -- hahaha!! So good for the soul, though. :) YEOW black hair -- what an adventure! all I can think of is anne of gg "a BEAUTIFUL raven black!" gotta love a good hair crisis. miss you guys so much! loved this, chels.

  3. Oh, and super jealous you get to go to Bryant & Bri's wedding -- I used to go to the same church as Brianne and would have LOVED to be there today. Post lots of pics!

  4. I just got sups excited when I realized you will be at the very same wedding I am going to be at in a few hours!! :D Also, I think I can relate to the hysterical laughing. Happens to the best of us.

  5. I always love reading your thoughts, and your positive outlook on life blessed me today as my family and I can SO relate with this post lately. =P It's good to get reminders to laugh during the rough times and remember that God has bigger plans in mind that we can't see. Thanks so much for sharing your heart in such an honest way, Chelsy!

  6. Man alive!!!!!!!! that is crazy!!!! I WISH you would have gotten a after pic.... oh well! Even if you would I don't know if you would have been brave enough to post it! <3 you chels! -Mary

  7. Oh my, oh my, oh my! Quite a week. Wow. That IS crazy. Thanks for sharing though, it brought a smile to my face! grin Try to have a good week. Rebecca


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