Friday, June 12, 2015

The Colorado Trip + Wedding

You know, life is just better because of weddings. There's something so wonderful about them. I love how weddings bring people together-to prepare, plan, and celebrate what God is joining together. 

Whenever I have the opportunity to be involved in these celebrations, I jump on it. So when my cousin announced her engagement the beginning of this year, I immeditenly started scheming for how I could get out there. Details came together and I ended up driving out with another cousin several days prior to the wedding. 
My cousin + I threw a bridal shower/brunch for the bride-to-be. It was attended by a group of the bridesmaids, sisters, and close friends. On the menu was spinach artichoke dip, bean/corn salsa, fresh fruit, pineapple/lemon punch, and cupcakes. 
The special lady herself!
Had a wonderful time road tripping + planning with this dear lady!
Decorating for the reception!
We may or may not have tried to break a lollipop or two so it wouldn't be servable and hence could be consumed before the actual reception. =)
How I love being delegated to arrange candy! =) 
A few of the decorations. This was the corner of the coffee bar table. 
The quote. I adore it! Except that can you really love a man more than coffee??
Basil plants on the tables. So beautiful...and they smelled amazing too!
Sadly I really didn't get very many pictures considering that I was out there for five days. We had many special moments preparing, laughing, talking, and preparing some more! 
Alli came out Friday night and Saturday morning she + I did the hair and makeup for the bridesmaids and makeup for the bride.
This little cousin of mine was one of the flower girls. She sat so well to get her hair done!
I'm totally sold on these babies breath wreaths for flower girls. It was my first time doing them but they turned out SO CUTE! 
Made me want one!
The beautiful bride!
Yes, please...I want shoes like this! =)
How I love this lady! It has been such a beautiful thing to see her fall in love with the man God had for her!
I had to get a picture with these little ladies. =)
Yes, I snuck out there for their first look. I had to get some pictures! =)
His face just says it all. Priceless.
The front of the sanctuary.
Braiding the unity cord.
Fun at the reception! Finally got to taste one of those incredible lollipops!

This lovely set of sisters!
The new Mr. & Mrs.!!
It was lovely getting to meet + get to know this girl. She was the kindred spirit type for sure!
All the bridesmaids with their beautiful updos...
Time to leave!!
Smiles with this girl! 

And that's the recap! It was a lovely trip + wedding and some amazing memories made! 

Happy Friday!


  1. WOW... oh Chels, I love this! Every photograph is just brimming with beauty. Weddings are so very wonderful... they bring a specific kind of delight to one's heart, for certain. The bride was STUNNING.
    Much love!

    1. I know...delightful is the exactly perfect word to describe it!

  2. what an awesome roadtrip/wedding!! seriously, y'all KILLED the hair/makeup. love it..and orange wedges?! #girlaftermyownheart I adore how well you document processes/events/daily life..I need to get better at this, haha.

    1. Those shoes...I know, right? Amazing.
      Aw, you are too kind...=)

  3. Ahh Chels, I just love this and love this!! :) Such delightful memories!! :) Naomi was just Such a Gorgeous bride!! ♥ Seeing these pictures just makes me so happy and excited again!! :) Love you dear! ~Rhoda

    1. Ooh...she was. And it was so grand to experience the week with YOU lovelies too! Miss you!

  4. What a lovely wedding! And in answer to your question, oh YES, it is entirely possible to love a man more than coffee! ;)

  5. Sounds like such a beautiful, God-glorifying day! So many lovely details - the reception tables look fabulous and I like the basil plant idea, too! And you and Alli did it once again with being a dream hair/makeup team! I second-shot a wedding for a friend on Saturday and they tucked baby's breath into the flower girls' updos, too. So simple but incredibly sweet. :) Miss you!

    1. I know, it is such a genius idea, right? Love the way the babies breath looks in braids!

  6. what a fun trip and wedding! yes you sure can love a man more than coffee but what's best is when he loves coffee as much as you! :)

  7. Do you ever feel like the odd one out or feel like you stand out more when you are with your cousins and other friends and relatives who wear head coverings? Has your family ever considered wearing them?

    1. My mom actually wore one until we left the Mennonites, around nine years ago.
      And no, we don't feel odd or out of place at all. With both sides of the family (both my parents) there is a lot of diversity in convictions (dress, etc) and we all just love each other as we are, even though some of us are very similar and others are very different. We realize that the main thing that matters is that we all love the Lord!

  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love wedding pictures. Those are quite the shoes! I have this thing for orange right now though so I think they are pretty cute.;)

  9. There are so many things I love about this wedding! The flower girls wreaths are adorable and I LOVE the coffee sign and the idea of incorporating basil plants (and their smell) into the reception! And yes, weddings def make life better! :)

    1. The basil smelled SO good...made me want to eat it! I loved that idea too!

  10. Hi Chelsy,

    You are such an inspiration to me of what a Godly young lady is like. Thank you for your encouragements on this blog! I would be interested to hear what your views are on kissing before marriage verses waiting. I know Christians homeschoolers types of people who do it both ways. I, out of personal preference, want to wait, but I don't judge people who don't wait. I was just curious on what you thought on this issue.
    Another question I had for you is; it it hard to stick to conservative standards when many others around don't? I have certain standards, but sometimes I worry that it's only because I'm surrounded by friends that have those standards. I know that I need to make that a personal conviction, but that's hard for me. Maybe this topic could become a future blog post. ;)

    Thank you so much!

    Hannah R.

    1. That's very interesting that you asked that about standards/convictions, because its been on my heart for quite a while to do a post on that! I've been formulating it in my mind. =) And I'm also speaking on that topic at my sisters upcoming girls retreat, so maybe I can combine my recent thoughts + upcoming talk into a post sometime. Seriously though you are so right-it is an important topic and one that needs much thought + prayer for each individual person.
      So watching for that in the next few months, Lord willing!
      As far as the whole kissing question...I am with you-I don't have judgement for people who do it differently, but for me its a standard I have set to protect my conviction of purity.
      I just feel that its so beautiful to save it for marriage. I have had the privilege of having been to so SO many weddings where both the guy + girl waited for their first kiss til marriage, and I just cannot tell you how beautiful it is. If there was ever a doubt in my mind about it being the best way, going to one of these weddings just completely would erase it. =) So its not that its a biblically right or wrong thing (although I personally think it is VERY wise to wait and you can avoid a lot of temptation that way!) but I choose to wait because I believe my first kiss is a very precious thing, and its will be a beautiful gift to be able to give to one man.
      So thats where I'm at on that. =)
      Thanks for your encouragement!

    2. I totally agree, Chels! And I can't wait to hear your talk about standards and strong convictions at the retreat!!!:) Something we all need encouragement to stand strong always, right?

  11. Beautiful pictures. I love the shoes!!!


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