Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Denver Elliot || Senior Photography

Definitely these are my favorite senior shots to date of all the seniors I have done. (sorry to everyone else!) Brothers are just the best. 

I never really thrived off of guy seniors because to be honest they tend to be stiff and awkward and very much like "I don't want to be here but my mom made me". Just saying! 

It so happens that Denver is extremely photogenic and loves fashion + style + ideas + pretty much everything involved in a photo shoot, so we were totally on the same page with this thing. 
He was the one coming to me saying, "Could we do pictures here?", which I loved. =)

We took them these summer while we were out on tour. I told him that he should consider himself blessed to be probably the only senior in the history of forever whose photographer took him all over the east coast + PEI for their senior pictures. What an opportunity! =)

Denver is an outdoor-enthusiast, sports-lover, people-person, fashion-forward, and conversation-starting kind of a guy. He is the life of the party whenever he goes. He loves everyone equally and I love to see him in constant conversation, making friends literally as he goes, with people in every stage of life, from little ones to the elderly and everyone in-between. Denver loves Jesus passionately and has a heart for doing everything 100%. 
This picture looks EXACTLY like one we have of Dad when he was near the same age. It's wild because Denver definitely favors mom's family in his looks. 
Apparently he's a perfect mix! =)
Oh goodness, I love this guy. Can't wait to see all the adventures Jesus is gonna take him on these next few years. I'm 100% sure it will be a wild ride but he will ride it well! =)
Hope y'all have a fabulous Tuesday, friends!


  1. LOVE all of the poses!! Especially the basketball and instrument ones! Thanks for doing this post, Chelsy! I love it!!

  2. Woah! Totally wish I had had the opportunity to go travel the country with the lady-friend that took my senior pictures!! What a special thing! Also, love the photography. As always. ;) <3

    //Read the latest at:

  3. I really like the violin ones, but they are really good!

  4. I was excited to find your blog, because I've always heard of the Bontrager Family Singers. And reading a blog by one of the Bontrager's is cool to me.
    You have one (well, more than one) good-looking brother! You are really great at photography! I've always enjoyed it as well!
    Just a random Jesus-lover from Maine,
    ~ Susanna

  5. Love these..awesome work + so cool how into it he was -- that's the best..

  6. Great job Chels! I think the sunglasses on the beach are my faves but they are all fabulous. Photography is so fun, especially when it involves siblings and a special occasion. How fun that y'all got to take a mixture of them while traveling on your tour. <3

  7. I love the violin poses in the city. So cool! You did an amazing job, Chels! Of course, it always helps to have a good looking model. :)

  8. These are really good, Chels! Fantastic job!

    And I still think my brother looks like Denver=) Especially the photo above the one with the mandolin, the way he's smiling looks JUST like Elisha=)

  9. These frames are fabulous + so is he! Super excited to see how God will continue to use this guy in the years to come - Denver inspires me so much! And this?! "He was the one coming to me saying, 'Could we do pictures here?'" Yes, a photographer's dream! Photoshoots with brothers really are some of the very best...oh the laughter. ;)

  10. Wow, he's very photogenic. Awesome pics :)


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