Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Sisters + Kindreds October Surprise || Shipshewana, Indiana

(disclaimer. This is a little mortifying to be posting about this now, because it happened last October! 
To be fair, a lot happened in my life last October, and I'm still catching up with myself! So I've got a few posts coming for y'all that are from that time, as long as you promise to forgive me and be okay with reading news that is six months old =))

Something I've been thinking about quite a bit lately, is friendships, and the importance of having good, solid, LIFE GIVING people in our lives! And not just having them in our lives, but having them as friends--- as kindred spirits, companions, get the picture. 

So these two girls above---they are that kind of friends. Literally two of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. Sometime last fall (can't remember exactly when) the idea was born that they could drive out from the east, and meet up with us to hang out while we were singing in Shipshewana. And since surprises are always just sooo very was decided to surprise Alli with their visit! 
It was a complete success and so very much fun. I was out for coffee with her when they just "walked in", and the look on her face (well, actually, tbh, the scream was the best) was pretty grand. =) 

We were singing multiple times over those two days, there in Shipshe, so we didn't exactly have an open schedule to do whatever. But we worked with our concert times and made the most of all the other times that we got. We (us four girls) stayed at a lovely hotel for the two nights and made an abundance of memories trying to get our room unlocked, and falling over suitcases in the hallways, and laughing til our sides hurt, among other things.
Lots of chats + laughs over coffees + soft pretzels!
I took pictures of these cups in the hotel room and told Allison, "Can we pleeeeeease get cups like these for the Dutch Country Inn????" #managersisterperks =) I mean, how cool...??
Our very own buffet of random leftovers + restaurant food, served on the WHITE bedspread. I tried so hard not to panic the whole time that I was going to make a mess. Thank goodness, the covers survived! And we now know that dinner in pjs on a hotel bed at 11pm is a great idea for all girls everywhere. Go try it! =)
Excuse the fuzzy picture. But really these were the best of times. Fuzzy picture or not.

Side note: the food above comes from the most incredible establishments. f the Bluegate Restaurant or JoJo's Pretzels or Rise n Roll bakery ever needs promo or a free blog post advertisement or whatever, I'll totally be RIGHT HERE AND AVAILABLE, ready to exchange my services for free samples. *sigh* Any other foodies out there? I just love food so much!
End of food rant. =)

It was such a rich time. We discussed goals, and life, and siblings, and family, and writing, and books, and relationships, and all the current issues surrounding our generation (okay, not quite all!) and solved as many of the worlds problems as we could squeeze in.

So many good memories were made. I'm so thankful for these girls, and all of our incredible friends, really. It is such a treasure to know people who push you UPWARD and encourage you in your "reaching for the PRIZE". Friendships like this are priceless, and meant to be loved + valued. And I'm really blessed by mine.

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week!


  1. <3 I love hanging out with my kindred spirits too! Girls can get a little crazy when they are together. xD

    1. Also, if you don't mind me your family going to be at the Big Sandy conference in a couple weeks? I know y'all have been there before. My family is going to be there!!

    2. No, we aren't--we aren't a part of ATI and haven't attended the conference for several years.
      Hope to meet you some other time though!

  2. lol funny sweet an awesome post lov u hugs God bless u ��������

  3. I understand about picking and choosing good friends! I know the Bible says to pick wisely, but does that mean that my closest friends shouldn't be like me? Like for example, what they believe or say they believe and aren't Christians? What do you and your family do because I bet you meet lost of unbelievers along your way. Can you still be good friends so you can lead them the right way?
    Love the pics and I side with Allison that you should totally get those cups!

    1. I think that the people that are closest to us, those that our lives are being shaped + influenced by, should be people that we would want to be like. Our closest friends should be people who are strong Christians and constantly wanting to grow to be more like Jesus.
      As far as friends in general though...I think the more variety, the better. I have dear friends that span everything from unbelievers to believers, and from conservative to liberal. I don't think we should just spend time with people just like us. I believe life is fuller, and richer when we have friends in our lives in all those stages.
      Hope that makes sense. =)

    2. Thanks so much, Chelsy. I do have many Christian friends, which God has blessed me with. I understand what you are saying that our closest friends should be Christians and be like-minded. I know that from experience!
      I am trying to minister to my unbelieving friends, especially one. She doesn't seem too open though to Christianity. Can you please pray for me to shine the light of Jesus to her? She is so lost in so many ways and it troubles me deeply.
      Thanks for replying! His blessings be with you. - Paige

    3. This is Paige again. Just wanted to thank you again and wanted to ask if there is any way I can pray for you during your family ministry. Blessings!

  4. Rise n Roll is wonderful! We live about 25 minutes from there and try to frequent as often as calories will allow!! Have a blessed week!

  5. CHELS!!!! I loved this! Soooo many good memories. Ibs & I had such a blast that weekend...and we both think it's time to repeat it!! Love & miss you muchly! -Ems

    1. I knowwww!! we do need to do it again. =) Best of times!

  6. How sweet to see two faces I recognize! Love the "Bonjour" shirt, Isabelle! 😀 Great to see your faces, Emily and Isabelle.

    Samantha ~ Québec


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