Monday, July 17, 2017

God Is Always Good

Always. Always. Always.

There's never a moment that He isn't. Grab ahold of this truth NOW. Don't wait until your life is rough; don't wait until you "need" to know this. Know it + believe it + live it now. Choose now to brand these four little words into your heart, your mind, your soul. It might seem unnecessary but trust me, there will be a time sooner or later when you will need to know this truth more than you need anything else. You must determine ahead of the trial that you know God is always good; that He always loves you; that He always has your best in his plans. You cannot afford to wait until the trial hits you, for then it will be all you can do to hang on to this truth. You must know and believe it now.


My mother has told me this more times than I could ever count. It has been a part of my life teachings from her. She told me when I was young, and now I hear her tell it to my younger siblings day after day after day. Call it brainwashing if you will, but it was the greatest brainwashing I ever received. It carried me through the greatest trial of my life, and I know that it can carry me through whatever trials I will face in my future.

This was what she would say: "Chelsy. People will let you down. People will hurt you. They will say unkind things. They will disappoint. Those even closest to you will at some time or another fail you. But there is one Person who will never let you down, and that is Jesus. He is ALWAYS good, and He is always faithful."

It is so needed that we understand this now. Yes, it sounds simple and cliche', but you need this rooted deep in your heart for whatever you will face in life! Prepare your heart now, that whenever the testing and trials of life come, you will say "YES LORD...YOU ARE GOOD." No matter how hard. No matter how deep. No matter how much you want to doubt God's goodness. 

You will have plenty of fear, plenty of doubt in yourself, and plenty of doubt in the goodness of humanity in general. That is why you must know now that God is always good.

Don't wait until the decision comes to decide whether Jesus is still good no matter what, and whether He still loves you more than anything else. Choose to do as Daniel did, and PURPOSE IN YOUR HEART now.

These are just these few little thoughts on my heart today. But I hope they bless someone out there.
I hope someone is challenged to prepare themselves for life by trusting God's goodness NOW. 
I hope someone who is going through a trial will be encouraged that Jesus still loves them.
And I hope this truth rings strong in your heart as you repeat it to yourself over and over:
"God is always good. Always." 

"O taste and see that the LORD IS GOOD:
blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.
-Psalm 34:8

Have a beautiful Monday!


  1. OH MAN THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL. <333 You are sooo good with words, Chelsy!! You really bless people--remember that, ok? *huggles*

  2. My Sunday School teacher once told me that someone who believes that (1) God sees everything and (2) God is always good, will never become bitter. I decided that day that I would refuse to believe otherwise. I practiced saying these truths over and over to myself. Thru the years I've faced some great disappointments and pain, but I have never been tempted to blame God or not trust Him anymore. My automatic response is "God sees this and He is *always* good.... Thanks for using your platform to share this truth :) -Julia Penner

  3. Thank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU, sweet Chels!!! Such a vital truth. God is ALWAYS good!

  4. This is so good, Chels!!! Thank you for the beautiful reminder!!

  5. God is always good. His people not so much!

  6. Oh yes yes yes!! God is SO good! He is ALWAYS there to pick us up when we are down, to meet our needs, to love us unconditionally even when we don't deserve it. Wonderful post, and something that I know to be 100 percent true in my life, and He will never change. ~Davida // Psalm 34


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