Saturday, July 14, 2018

My Red Dress

Many of you readers have asked about where I got the dress that I'm wearing on my blog header picture. I meant to post the link for it loooong ago and completely forgot, and just recently remembered that I never did that! So here it is for you today!
 This dress is a JenClothing brand dress. A friend of mine gave me a gift card to their company and this was the dress I ended up selecting. I absolutely love it. It is a deep rich red color. (although perhaps not quite as bright as these pictures depict) The bodice is fully lined lace with fully lined chiffon at the sleeves and neck. The skirt is several layers of chiffon over a very comfortable stretchy underskirt. The dress has a side zipper and a very flattering fit. I am 5'6" and it hits right at my knee. I normally wear size 6-8 and this dress is an XS.
Added later note on the sizing: I could be a little off on the size info because my body type is unusual and I typically have to alter dresses when I buy them (any other wide shoulders, small bust, and similar size hips/waist girls out there?!) 
So I just wanted to add that because if you normally wear a 6-8 dress, you'd probably be better off getting a size small of this dress. The XS fits me because I'm smaller in some areas.

A little tip for those of you wanting to save a little money---Amazon sells the very same dress (same line, same brand) for significantly cheaper! I bought mine from Jen simply because I had the gift card there, but if I was to buy one of their dresses again I definitely would get it from Amazon because it is a way better deal!

They also have multiple other colors!

  My favorite way to accessorize this dress is with brown/gold tones in jewelry + shoes.

  Happy Weekend!


  1. That is a super cute dress!
    Also I'm a photographer so I love those pictures (bare feet I love it!) the scenery is just simply gorgues and it goes with your jewelry!
    Your hair is sooo pretty is it naturally curly like that?

  2. It's gorgeous!!! I love all of those pictures! Thank you for the post, Chelsy!

  3. Love this dress on you! And I didn’t realize you could order Mikarose through Amazon! I’ve loved their dresses in the past so great to know!

  4. Chelsy, I was wondering that it would be so nice to be able to see your Instagram and keep up with your life there in KS! But you have it private and I respect that. I just don’t know how to navigate Instagram well enough to request to follow. I just have an account to be able to keep up with a few like you, but I don’t necessarily post anything as all the people I would know probably wouldn’t have Instagram anyway.’s been something I’ve been wondering about for awhile. And maybe you have it open for close friends only, that’s okay then! Thanks for considering it, anyway! :) hope your day is going well for you.


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