Wednesday, August 22, 2018

My Pregnancy Announcement Dress

Many of you have been asking about where I got the maxi dress that I wore for our pregnancy announcement pictures!

The story on this dress is pretty fun. First of all, I have had it for probably 4+ years, and it's not technically a maternity dress! I would always get compliments on it when I wore it before; it is a nice fit (as I've found now, both for maternity AND non-maternity) and the colors are so bright + beautiful. I had bought it from an online boutique years ago; I don't remember exactly how long it's been, but quite a while! Sadly the boutique discontinued the dress after it sold out and I have never been able to find a duplicate anywhere, in spite of looking all over online.

Yesterday I received an email from a blog reader asking about the dress. A number of you have also commented and asked where I got it as well, so I decided that doing one last search on Amazon couldn't hurt. (even though I've checked there before for it)

The brand is Vanilla Bay, so I went on Amazon and search "Vanilla Bay Faux Wrap Maxi Dress". I came up with a style that looked identical, but skimming through their multiple colors, I didn't see "my dress" anywhere in the listing. I sent the girl the link, saying it was the closest I could get to the actual thing. A few minutes later, I went back to close down the tab, and a red floral option at the bottom caught my eye. I thought "surely not..." but clicked on it...and sure enough! There was my dress!

So here I am, quite excited to be able to give out the purchase info after all, to all of you who asked! The dress is this, the Vanilla Bay Wrap Maxi in White Multi.

To answer a few questions on size + style:
I am wearing the size small and it just hits the ground. (I am 5'6") The material is good quality and wears well.
It is a faux wrap which I LOVE; I never have to worry about the skirt falling open like I do with regular wrap dresses. Only the bodice portion wraps.
The matching tie is adjustable and removable.
This dress is also much more flattering in real life than it is on the Amazon model. Just FYI. =)

There are also a number of additional colors in the same style that y'all might want to try out as well!

Happy shopping!

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  1. Thank you, Chelsy! You're absolutely beautiful...gorgeous!! SO thrilled for you + John!!! Praise the Lord for His goodness!
    Love you,

    Jeremiah 29:11

  2. Congratulations! And you should buy yourself another color as well! Looks like a perfect dress for early pregnancy, post partum and nursing!

  3. My girls have a hard time finding a undershirt/tank to wear under shirts & dresses that go too low. Most tanks are really low themselves. Where do you find tanks that can make clothing more modest

  4. I'd love more recommendations on how to dress modestly when your(my) pregnant belly sticks waaay out
    It is tough! Where do you get maternity skirts/dresses??

  5. You are so pretty, Chelsy! Love the dress on you!


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