Thursday, May 2, 2019

Little Axton at Three Months

How is he three months already?!

I know all of y'all have been dying for more pictures and the birth story of our little guy, and I have been so excited to share them with you! As you can see, he is growing like a weed, and one of the happiest little fellows around, not to mention the fact that he is cute as a button. Is it just me who thinks that? I know I'm his mama, but I'm not the only one who says it, so I'm inclined to think it isn't just my bias!
Want his outfit for YOUR little guy?! You can find it here. I love it---stretchy, soft, true to size, and so adorable!

Birth story up next, I promise! 

Have an awesome day! 


  1. congratulations, he is beautiful!

  2. What a sweetheart! He looks so much like Daddy with those huge eyes. You are truly blessed!! I can't wait to hear more of his story, too.
    love in Christ,

  3. I love these pictures! He is SO cute!

  4. Um nope!! You are not the only one who thinks he is SUPER ADORABLE!! I look forward to seeing more pictures!

  5. Chelsy, Axton is adorable . Nice hearing from you.
    God Bless
    Joan,Marilyn and Marion

  6. Cutest little boy ever! Axon looks more like his cousins on John's side, doesn't he?

  7. Awwww! He is soooooooo cute!!!!

  8. So precious. Wish I could hold him and 😘 him.😉

  9. Hello,Axton is cute!,but I was wondering how your cousin was doing (was in your wedding). I followed her blog until she stopped writing. I can't remember her name...I know I sound stalkerish but I'm not...LOL...just liked following her as she was a good writer. Take care. Carolyn

  10. Greetings from Greece! Great to hear from you again. Your baby is so cute and beautiful!

  11. He's gorgeous lady!!

  12. He is precious. Just enjoy this time and post lots and lots of pictures. Catherine


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