Sunday, July 14, 2019

Bontrager Extended Family Pictures May 2019

Back earlier this year, we siblings started brainstorming about a surprise Fathers/Mothers Day gift for our parents. We discussed several ideas and finally settled on a professional photo shoot with the whole clan! There hadn't been a professional group photo done with everyone since John's and my wedding, and with four new little members of the extended Bontrager tribe, it was high time for an update! 
Fun facts: We four "young couples" got married within a four month span, and the four babies were born within eight months from oldest to youngest! 
Just a little PDA...
All them handsome men..
...and the lovely ladies.
Have you EVER seen anything QUITE so adorable in your whole life?!?
I sure haven't. 
It's not every couple that gets their first four grandbabies within eight months. 
Special special.
And then, our little Maxwell family!
Axton was a champ and remained generally quite chill throughout the entire shoot!
His little hands just slayyyyy me. 
I'd like to crop this one and submit it to some photo contest or something because THIS CHILD!! 
It was a big feat to work with multiple schedules and weather and everything, not to mention babies. But it was SO worth it. I know we will all treasure these pictures for years to come, and not one of us regret the commitment to make it happen. 
Let me encourage you, friends-having your family/memories captured in this way is a decision you will never regret! 
And I'm pretty sure almost any parent loves having pictures of their offspring in all one place at one time. Consider gifting a professional photoshoot next time you need a gift idea for your parents/inlaws!

Hope y'all are enjoying a restful weekend!


  1. Love these photos! And what a fantastic idea for a gift for parents! Your Axton is absolutely adorable...glad you're getting lots of photos! :)
    love in Christ,

  2. Oh my goodness! Axton’s expressions + those overalls are just an overload of cuteness!

  3. Love these photos! Axton is just SO cute!

  4. Thank You for sharing your family photos and memories. What a beautiful family. All of the babies are adorable.
    Joan,Marilyn and Marion


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