Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Madeline's Baby & Family Pictures

Back in September, my sis in love was so kind as to take these baby pictures for Madeline. Both of my boys had a professional newborn photoshoot, and I was sad that we didn't have that option with Madeline, as no photographers were allowed into the NICU during our time there, due to Covid restrictions.  

What I didn't take into consideration, however, was that she would look just like a newborn when she came home, even though she was over two months old at that time. 

These pictures were taken on her due date, after she had been home for two weeks, and I will always cherish them. We got some with the whole family as well and used those shots for our Christmas cards. 
Her gauze wrap was from my SIL's collection. Her headband is from this set and I use them all the time! I was given so many adorable headbands for her (literally dozens and dozens!) but being a preemie she has a very small head, so those gifted headbands are mostly waiting for her when she gets a little bigger! In the meantime, I ordered two sets of headbands for her that are smaller and fit/decorate her petite and bald little head. =)
I ADORE these little turban hats! I was given this mustard one she is wearing, so I don't have an exact link, but these are very similar. The yellow/sage floral blanket (Marshalls brand) on which she is laying, was a baby gift from a friend, and the light sage muslin wrap was from the afore mentioned photo prop set from my SIL.
A few matching ones with my girl. Featuring a very basic yellow Walmart tee for me. =)
Madeline was an absolutely angel for her photoshoot and slept through the entire thing!
This floral swaddle and headband set are from Jazmyn Nichole Boutique. (Madeline also has a matching hat) I heard about this small shop right around the time that Madeline was born, and I am in love with the products! I have several of their swaddles, hats, and hair bows for Madeline, and I've ordered more to keep on hand for gifts. The quality is top notch and I love that their swaddles are a little bigger than standard size swaddles. Emily, the mama who runs this shop, is a wife, mama, and homemaker, and I love the fact that when I order from her I get to support her small business AND get one-of-a-kind, reasonably priced, high quality products for my babies! Go check her out! 
How CUTE she is...
Speaking of cute...here's another cutie who calls me mama. =)
I wanted a "home session" type of feel for our family photos, and I also wanted something easy where we didn't have to go anywhere. So we moved the furniture into the dining room, put our living room rug up against the wall, opened all the windows for lots of natural light, and did all of these portraits in our living room! It was perfect.
Enjoy a few favs!
Our outfits were very much thrown together, with a little advice assistance from my Bontrager side sisters and sisters in law. I think everything coordinated very well and it just goes to show that it isn't always necessary to buy a whole new wardrobe just to get good pictures! Elliot's shirt was Walmart brand and had a stain but I made sure it didn't show. =) Axton's was a thrifted Gap brand tee and it was too big for him but again, it was just pictures and so it isn't obvious that it is too large. John's navy tee was Eddie Bauer brand. My top is this one, I've had it for years and posted about the same one in a different color, in a different post, a few years back. I've had three of them now (one in white, one in black, and then this one in the "rose red" color) and they are hands down the most comfortable and flattering nursing-friendly top I've found. The zipper adds interest but is very secure so it doesn't slide at all except for when I need to adjust it for nursing or taking the top on/off. If you are a nursing mama I HIGHLY recommend this shirt and if you are just a gal who loves a pretty and comfortable top then I also highly recommend this shirt! =)It is a little longer than a typical tee shirt length, and the dolman style sleeves make it very easy to size up or down! It also hangs very well and is lose around the middle which is lifesaver for anyone looking to get a slimming look. If you are a postpartum mama this shirt will be your best friend. 
My jeans were thrifted and my bracelet is this one. (it is currently out of stock but there are similar ones listed)
his little eyelashes kinda kill me. too sweet.
Yes, they are mine, so I'm biased...but seriously are they not just the cutest lil set of babies that you ever did see?! 
So thankful for this guy. I can't imagine walking through our journey without him!
All my favorite people in the world, right here. I love them more than words can say!
So thankful for these precious memories and photos! They will forever be favorites.

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  1. I agree with you, your children are absolutely beautiful! God's Blessings to all of you.

  2. The sweetest!!! I bet it was hard to pick a favorite photo!

  3. Precious babies❤ love you all!

  4. She’s your little mustard seed so
    her turban color is perfect! Beautiful family!


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