Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Family Pictures 2023

We did a very short, laid-back little family photo shoot for our Christmas pictures 2023. I debated just using a random candid from the summer to send out as our Christmas card, but we've done a photo shoot of some kind every year since we've been married and I do love the tradition. John does not love it but bless his heart, he goes along with it since he knows it is important to me! I really love coordinating colors and outfits and then capturing our family each year as the kids grow older. I'm always so thankful afterwards too that we made it happen!

Here are a few of my favorites from this last year's photoshoot! (shoutout to my brother in law Chris for taking these for us!)

Axton's and Elliot's Sweaters were Old Navy brand. I actually got them both used, at different times, but both were from my favorite consignment store here in town, Little Stories Boutique. Jeans were these from Children's Place. Axton's shoes are from Children's Place and Elliot's Converse are courtesy of goodwill. =)

Their little hats were these khaki ones and they are Elliot has size 12-24m and Axton's is size 2-3T, and they still fit them, so I'd say they run large. I got these hats for the boys for Easter last year and they have gotten so much use out of them!

Madeline's dress was Old Navy brand, thrifted NWT from Little Stories Boutique. Her little black booties were Cat & Jack and came from a garage sale or goodwill I think. And her hair bow is from this pack-I've loved these for her!

John's shirt and vest were Eddie Bauer (his favorite brand) and my dress, sweater, and booties were thrifted.

Axton John-4yrs
Elliot Rex-3 yrs
Madeline Sue-2yrs
When I look at this picture, I think I can read the kids' little thought bubbles:
Axton: "I guess I can attempt to crank out one last half smile."
Elliot: "I'm here for it-let's use adorable expression #5123."
Madeline: "Not even gonna try to fake it."

Do you take family pictures or send out Christmas cards each year? 
Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. My children are grown and my daughter lives in IL while we live in CA.Every year before she flies out, we have a family photo of the 4 of us. I look at pictures from 30 years ago and see the same children that are now grown and living their lives.

  2. Wonderful family pictures! How far apart in age are your children?

    1. Axton and Elliot are 17months apart, and Elliot and Madeline are 13months apart!

  3. These pics are perfect and your family is absolutely darling. You are so clever to put together their outfits as you do. Thank you for sharing these.

  4. Darling pictures!! What a cute bunch. Thanks for the links and outfit details. I'm always on the lookout for ideas for dressing my boys.

  5. Do you still spend plenty of time with your younger siblings even though you're married? If so, what are some tips to make time for them?

    1. I don’t think I exactly spend a lot of time with them, with living in a different state, but I still stay connected and in touch, all things considered! Whenever we go back to Iowa to visit, I try to go out for coffee or lunch with one of them, rotating so it’s a different one each time. Phone calls, audio texts, etc are also great ways to stay in touch across the miles! I think it’s good to recognize that different seasons have different amounts of time to put into relationships, too! I spent tons of time with my younger siblings before I was married. It’s not as much now that I have my only family/my own kids that are my top priority, but I am still thankful for the time we do get, and it’s definitely a priority to me to stay invested and close!

    2. I realized that you said “younger siblings” and I for some reason read that as “young unmarried siblings”, so in answering your question I was speaking specifically about my three youngest siblings that aren’t married yet. It is definitely harder to stay in touch regularly with the rest, but I always say where there’s a will, there’s a way! :) My sis Allison and I talk in some shape or form almost every day! (text, audio message, or occasional FT) We both prioritize it and make it happen! My brothers I talk to a lot less often but I’m thankful for visits and the opportunities we do have! We also have several group text threads with various people in the family, in addition to the big family chat w everyone, and those are really fun for staying in touch with multiple people at once! I highly recommend that!


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