Saturday, May 25, 2013

Of Wednesday's {EXTREME} Blonde Moment

{actually, there's not one}
there is no excuse for the following story that happened three weeks ago.
no medications or sunstroke or good excuses for my behavior or anything like that involved.
just PURE blondness for a brunette. =)
It is quite embarrassing to even be posting it, when I actually stop & think about it.
But somehow the whole thing just struck me as hilarious even though it was totally not brilliant.
at ALL.
I really can't believe that I'm about to share my dumbest moment ever with the whole world.
but I am.
so here goes!
Enter "Of Strawberry Plants & Wednesday's Blonde Episode"
Once upon a time....
there was a mother who was struck for the hundredth millionth time with the thought that her oldest daughter might someday/sometime/soon get married and have to plant her own garden.
mother began to worry that daughter did not know how to properly plant a garden. 
namely, that her daughter maybe did not know how to plant strawberries.
mother had bought a large {VERY large} amount of strawberry plants.
this would be the perfect opportunity for daughter to learn how to properly plant them.
so mother told daughter that she would like for her to plant the strawberry plants.
daughter was respectfully amused and reminded mother that years ago before daughter's life got so busy and diversified, and before the little brothers of daughter started on as the new "gardening crew",
 daughter actually helped ALOT with the planting, weeding, & gardening in general. 
and daughter reminded mother that she remembered CLEARLY planting HUNDREDS of strawberry plants and if, (by some bizare happening), she were to get married and need to plant a strawberry patch she was already completely qualified, after all that time that she had helped with the planting years ago.
in spite of all of daughter's kind protestations, mother was still sure that it would be good for daughter to brush up on her self-proclaimed skill in the area of strawberry planting.
so daughter & mother proceeded to the garden with (???) strawberry plants & hoe in tow.
mother went over the basics.
daughter was not trying NOT to listen but because she remembered all this she didn't pay very close attention.
mother completed the instructions and left.
daughter began the planting process.
row after row after row....
although this was not necessarily daughter's activity of choice,
daughter happened to love solitude and time for thinking and glorious SUN so it was all good and daughter actually somewhat enjoyed herself although it took quite a while to get all those plants in the ground.
mother had dug the holes so daughter just had to place a plant in each hole, fill hole partially with water, and then cover the roots.
the one thing daughter remembered especially clearly from long-ago planting times was that when planting the plants, it is crucial that the roots are completely covered, but NOT any of the top part. 
daughter was especially careful to observe this and cover the appropriate amount of the plant quite correctly.
upon completion daughter put away hoe, watering can, & other supplies, washed off, and went on to other daily pursuits. 
approximately ten minutes later, daughter was in her room working on a project on her computer when she heard a type of exclamation coming from the kitchen, and several people talking loudly.
daughter came out and upon her entering the kitchen,
several individuals (family members) stopped talking and looked at her.
daughter thought that their expressions were quite unusual; for once, she really could not read the situation, or what was going on.
so she asked
"oh no! did someone die?"
whereupon mother begins to laugh and says
"no, one died BUT..well, I don't know know exactly how to tell you this but...I just went out to see how the strawberry planting went and....well.
you planted all of the plants UPSIDE DOWN"!
daughter shrieks rather hysterically
"what? nooooo!! impossible!!"
and runs outside to the garden with 
A) a sinking feeling
B) another sinking feeling
C) a WILD inclination to laugh even though this really was NOT at all funny.
upon arrival at the garden, daughter discovered this:
roots in the air.
mother dear was right.
what had happened???
the family gave daughter a hard time
 about her mind OBVIOUSLY not being on the planting process. =)
which was true.
  there had been a lot going on that week and daughter's mind was brimful of things just waiting to be thought about and since strawberry plant planting requires no thinking
this had been the perfect time for reflection, brainstorming, praying, etc etc etc
and leaving the roots in the air. =(
 daughter sighed and wondered how in the WORLD she could have seriously done this?
she started in again, for round #2.
this time--digging up the plants, flipping them around, and re-planting.
two dear younger brothers of daughter felt sorry for her and came to assist.
daughter felt quite bad about the mistake since she knew it was 100% her fault so she told brothers they didn't have to help.
but they were sweet and did anyway.
{bless their hearts}
the corrected plant.
stems in ground and top part ABOVE ground this time.
one of the dear "knight brothers to the rescue".
daughter thinks his smile says it all.
"I love my sister even when she is so _____!!!"
and thus ends the story of the brunette's blonde wednesday episode.
let's just say she will never again plant strawberry plants with out thinking back to the experience.
actually, maybe she will just stay clear of strawberry plants period.
the end.
{just for the record. I do know how to plant a garden. this was just a case of...not thinking AT ALL while doing it.
and NO.
this is N.O.T going to be a new weekly series. how could you even think it??}

may your coming Wednesdays be much more brilliant than mine, friends! =)


  1. CHELS!!!! You did NOT!!!! I laughed my head off!!! :D Thank you for sharing- That was too funny to keep to yourself :) :) I know what you mean about the sinking feeling... we've all done something totally off the wall at some point!

    ~Allie W

    1. thank-you, dear, for your confirmation that I am not the ONLY one that does things like this.
      what a relief. =)
      For some reason I can totally picture your family just sitting there laughing about this. =) oh my...=)

  2. Wow! This is entertaining :) I can SO see this taking place.... hear you and your dear mothers conversation on how you just KNEW how to plant a garden..... I really should come see you again sometime! :) Miss you Chels:)(btw, I don't really know how to plant a garden either!)

    1. yes you SHOULD come see me!!! brilliant idea, cousin!! =)
      so, you can see this happening, can you? =)

  3. You are SO funny!!!!!! :D LOL.


  4. Oh, Chelsy! It's okay. Don't feel bad. Everybody has those moments.
    I quite remember a few years ago when I teased someone to "Look out for the Mustard Lady", and squeezed the bottle, HONESTLY not aware that the lid wasn't completely sealed!!!! Now if we're eating with friends and mustard's on the table, guess who gets labeled "the Mustard Lady". I like the name, but the experience I started I had no idea would become such a silly, lasting memory. It was pretty embarrassing when it first happened.


  5. Oh Chelsy, I loved reading this story:) Definitely a day brightener:)
    I can so see myself doing this, so don't feel to bad =)


  6. lol,have no idea how you did that,but its something I would TOTALLY DO!!!!! I've had many blonde moments and I hate that sinking feeling,ugh. Made me smile,thanks for sharing.

  7. oh chels!! so sorry. :( you've had so much going on over the last few weeks, and lately I feel like I'm becoming more prone to space off about things [I know, crazy] and at the last minute remember it...or not. I hear ya about getting so lost in thought--and then you think, wait...what am I doing here. We all totally have blonde moments...[brunettes included] :P

  8. I just LOVE this story! It just makes me LAUGH!!! Man do I ever have blonde moments.. :P it isn't that fun either.. lol thanks for the story! You had told me it before at church, but this time it is much more detail!! :) Luv u girl, Mary

  9. Oh, Chels, this is too funny! I have moments like that, too...I think they can help to teach us humility!
    Long time, no talk, girl! Miss hearing from ya.

  10.! Good to know I'm not the only one who makes embarrassingly obvious mistakes once in a while. :)

  11. You don't know me and I don't know you... but I love to follow you're blog. I know exactly what you mean by being blonde... cause I'm very bad with that!!! the worse yet that has happened to me was going to market and being told to get a 5 lb. bag of carrots... and coming home and realizing I got a 50 lb bag!!! That was AWFUL!!! :) so no worries... you're not the only blonde one!!! :)

  12. Chelsy...we STILL love you! =D But oh my word, girl! That SERIOUSLY made my day. This is an only case where I can actually write lol truly "laughing out loud." =D >>Bunny trail<< It IS true... most people write lol with not even a trace of a smile on their face. I think I saw somewhere on Pinterest that we should really write SALTS "smiled a little than stopped" Annnway...
    I know I'm rambling on but, wanted to let you know that your little "brunette blonde" moment seriously made my week! And yeah... You should TOTALLY make this a new weekly series. Since YOU suggested it! =D =D
    I kid, I kid! =D Love you

  13. WOW!!! That is the most hilarious thing I've read all day!!!! That was just GREAT of you to share, even if it was ambarassing!! :) I am totally.... NOT blond in looks, but I can do the most embarrassing things with the best of them!!! Don't worry... It's part of life! :) How very sweet of your youngest brothers!!! That is truly being a good sibling.. Such a sweet and funny story!! You are the best!

  14. Oh my, I laughed so hard! And hey, as long as you mentioned it, I think a weekly series would be great!!! Laughter is good for the heart, you know! :-) Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks.....

  15. Ironically, this has been done before. :) I let some friends get some starts from my strawberry plants several years ago and i jokingly told them, "Now you know to plant them upside down, right?" I had NO IDEA they didn't know i was joking! I felt TERRIBLE when I found out later that they planted at least half of them that way!

    1. oh my! that is funny!! =)
      I guess at least they were following instructions. =)

  16. I have never laughed so hard in quite a while, Chelsy! Thank you for sharing! I definitely have a lot of blonde moments myself!
    I so enjoyed getting to meet you and your family at the ATI Conference in Big Sandy, TX this past April! Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon, maybe! :)

    1. Hey Glory...
      it was great to meet you too, girl! =) thanks for commenting! come visit sometime, okay? =)

  17. That was hilarious, Chelsy!!!
    The worst thing is, I did something really similar yesterday. Most embarrassing moment of my life. We were shopping at the thrift store and I walked up to this lady who was holding a few items. I assumed she was a worker and asked if I could look at this blue "dress" to see if it would make a nice skirt. After deciding it would make a fabulous skirt, I said, "I'll take it!" and started to walk off. She had this confused look on her face and was like, "Wait, it's mine!" Oh, dear! Stealing fellow shopper's treasures is a terrible idea! Now if I ever play a game that involves telling the most embarrassing moment in your life, I know what mine will be!


    1. Oh Jessica!!! wow, that is CRAZY! I can feel your pain! =)
      your story made MY day. =)

  18. I laughed so hard while reading this, Chelsy!! It was just so funny. Thanks for sharing this awesome, hilarious story with us! I could totally see myself doing the exact same thing. Concentrating so hard on my own thoughts and mental plans that I completely mess up the task at hand. I can picture the kitchen scene with you walking in and your family looking at you, then bursting into laughter. So great! <3

  19. Oh my goodness, I laughed so much! I loved that you are able to laugh at yourself, plus, you're a great storyteller! :)I love that your family made it a big joke too -it's a good family that can laugh about things like that rather than getting upset. :)I read this quickly yesterday and have been laughing whenever I think of it! Ha!

  20. So, Chelsy, this made me laugh! That's absolutely hilarious. Ok... For the longest time my most embarrassing story was when I forget I was playing an offertory for our church of 400+ and the whole service paused while i ran from one side of the auditorium to the piano. Yikes. And then something happened with Mr Duggar that topped that by far, but it's not good to divulge in on the Internet. So topping that was this year during big sandy when I fell off my chair... During a session... Right in front of a whole bunch of people... Including Josh Duggar, who got a kick out of it, I could tell. I mean, seriously, who falls off their chair? How do you even do that? I can say it was humbling :)

  21. That truly made my night! Sweet friend, we have so much in common.:) I do stuff like that way too often. lol....
    This was such a fun post and the pictures added so much to the story!

  22. Wow...And wow again! I am so relieved that I am not the only one who does things like this!!! (Although I really AM blonde, therefore I have a good excuse!;)) However, I am known to have "blonde weeks", not just "moments"!!! :)

  23. Chelsy, Thank you for sharing this embarrassing moment. :) I just finished reading Mitchell's 3 part post on how we can limit God's power and was deep in thought over this. I then went to this post of yours, even though I see it was written some time ago and it made me smile. Thank you!!

    Kim Lehman


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