Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 LACP Recap

Head on over to my family's blog to see the full post I just did about the Live Animal Christmas Play
And for those of you who asked, here is a close-up picture of my outfit that I mentioned back in 
this post. After hours spent removing buttons + lining, and then ripping, cutting, and sewing everything back together, the outfit finally emerged as something that fit me! I really felt like the Lord was guiding my hands as I sewed because it turned out even better than I thought was possible. I also took the original hat (a HUGE, floppy affair that wouldn't even stay on my head) and took it all apart, saving all of the fabric, trim, feathers, + bows. Then I told a broad-brimmed straw hat that I picked up at Salvation Army, and with a little love + creativity, transferred the elements of hat A to hat B.....resulting in a hat that went perfectly with the outfit + stayed on my head! #score

Anyway, head on over to my family's blog for more pictures of the entire play, as well as several highlight video clips!

Be back tomorrow as I'll be sharing some goals + thoughts for the New Year!


  1. Girl, you have skillz. Seriously, well done! :)

  2. I read the recap over on your family's blog earlier, and was overwhelmed at how realistic the story of Christ was portrayed! I am so thrilled that so many people trusted Jesus as their Savior through the influence of the LACP! Praise the Lord!!

    And Chels, I LOVE your outfit! Yay for a sewing machine, seam ripper, and lots of patience!=)

    Looking forward to tomorrows post-talking about goals and such are some favorites of mine=) #excitingpostcomingup

  3. Your creative projects continually inspire me. :) The ensemble looks absolutely fabulous and praise the Lord for getting it finished in time for the play!

  4. That outfit is incredible! I admire your sewing! That must have been something else.

  5. I think you should open up your own custom + handmade + vintage style clothing boutique. You clearly have artistic skills with it! :)


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