Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sister's Getaway in Galena

Back the beginning of August, sister love and I took off for a two day road trip/getaway. It seemed like weird timing, since we had literally just returned home that week from being gone for over two months! But in the previous months, as we had hashed and rehashed the schedule, looking for any available little pocket of time, this was the best option coming to us. With the three weddings, a full family schedule, and two very diverse and loaded work schedules ourselves, we knew we were just gonna have to go with what was available, and that was Wednesday-Friday of the week we got home.

We settled on Galena as our location of choice. We had been there once before, several years ago, on a retreat with our singles at church, and we'd had an excellent impression of the town from that visit. It was also an easy choice since we didn't want to spend most of our time driving, and Galena is just over a two hour drive. 

We try to do at least one road trip a year. It is usually to either to visit a friend/s, or attend a wedding. This was probably the first that involved no one else, just chilling + relaxing as sisters. It was perfect!
First evening upon arrival.
We stayed in our room the first night and ordered in pizza from Procentos Pizza. I consider myself somewhat of a pizza connesior, having devoured many different varieties in my twenty-six years, and this pizza was absolutely unbelievable. Fresh tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, spicy chunks of sausage, and a wonderful amount of cheeses and sauce made this pizza unforgettable!
Outfit/style pics, just cause we're girls! =)
We stayed at the Cloran Mansion Bed + Breakfast and it was beautiful. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It was secluded and quiet and we were left totally to ourselves, which was just what we wanted, and yet when we went down for breakfast in the mornings we had a great time with our host + hostess and the other guests. The grounds were lovely as well. 
Morning coffee + quiet time in the gazebo. 
Headed out on the town! 
Vinny Vanucchi's Italian for dinner. We had been there once before and it was amazing each time!
Incredible food!
We tried some new hairstyles....

Fun twist on a boho side braid...

Love this!
Ordering gelato at a little boutique that actually sold gelato, coffee, and clothing!
Exploring downtown.

Sadly, I totally forgot to take pictures of the gorgeous 5mile walk we did on Thursday morning. It started out by the river, along the railroad tracks, and ended up in the most beautiful wooded lane ever! I felt like we had just stepped into a scene from Anne of Green Gables. It was sunny and warm and amazing. When we got back from that, we laid out in the sun for a few hours. In addition, during our getaway we did nails, tried new hairstyles, laid on our backs on the bed and talked about dreams + goals + the present + the future. We watched movies and quoted right along with them. (any other sister sets out there that can also literally quote ALL THE THINGS from your favorite movies??) We ate delicious food + drank our homemade kombucha that we had brought with us. We met some sketchy people + had some hilarious conversations + made some epic memories in that department, as we always seem to do. (ha!)

All in all, it was such a splendid time, and one that we will have memories of forever. 

I'm so grateful for this girl---my sister. We are the best of friends and I can't imagine life without her. We are opposites in so many ways and yet are just the same in so many others! We can finish each other's sentences and know what the other is thinking, almost all the time. 

It was such a grand time we had together, and I'm blessed by it! Establishing and cultivating strong relationships with those nearest to you is one of the most important things you can do, and one you will never regret. Because of that, and so much else, I am so thankful for this time we had, and the sister relationship we have. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. That looks like so much fun! I hope when my sister and I are older we do things like that!


  2. I love reading these sister road trip adventure posts ❤ thank you for giving us a little peak into your special time together!

  3. Chels, the strong healthy relationships you have with your siblings is one of the things that I love about you and your family. You don't just love God or just love people. You love God and people! Thanks so much for your encouragement.

  4. Sister time is precious! And yes, my two daughters can easily quote numerous movies off by heart completely; it's what they often did after prayer time when they shared a room! And finishing each other's sentences? All the time! Still do, even though they're both married. :)

  5. Love love those hairstyles!!!!!!

  6. Love this! Your sister road trip posts are always so fun. You two really should think about doing some tutorials for those BEAUTIFUL hairstyles!! -Hannah Canfield

  7. I love reading all your sister road trip posts!! Oh yes, we definitely quote favorite movie quotes to each other quite often! So fun. :)

  8. This post was so much fun! Very relatable as me and my sister are very opposite each other and yet very good friends & the inside jokes we have with each other are so much fun! Oh - it's so much fun quoting favourite movies, especially the funny parts and we burst in to a laugh and tears!! :D

  9. Love this! Sisters are so much fun!! I've got 6 of em. And yea we (me and my sis just younger then me) can finish each other's sentences. And movie quotes... You betcha! I absolutely love your posts! 😍

  10. Beautiful ladies, beautiful hearts. 😍😍😍

  11. Great post, I’m wondering which are you’re favorite movies? Or which movies would you recommend?:)

  12. I love those hairstyles! Could you share with us how to do those? (I'm looking for new ways to do my hair...)


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