Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bridesmaid's Outfit Details (from the brothers' weddings)

Some of y'all have been asking where we got our bridesmaids dresses for our brothers' weddings last month. This post is to answer those questions!

The burgundy maxi dresses we wore for Mitchell + Bryn's wedding are the Mikarose brand Miranda dress. They were purchased from Neesees Dresses but appear to have since been discontinued on there, so you can purchase the same dress here. The dress is cheapest on Amazon (if you have free shipping) at this link, but it is only available there in floral options.
On sizing, Allison + I both wore smalls and Liz wore an extra small. (we also had to shorten hers a bit, as it was too long) 

Rebecca's dress was this one, purchased from the Pink Princess. We found the site by searching for "girls' blush pink dress w/ sleeves". The dress was so adorable-even cuter once it arrived than the picture online!
The mauve/blush dress that the two maids-of-honor wore, is this Mikarose brand Lauren dress.
The two colors mixed together for the bridal part ladies were SO gorgeous!

We wore pearls for jewelry and various grey/silver flats or sandals. The sandals I wore were these Dream Pair Womens Spark Wedge Sandal, in silver glitter. I had to order new sandals specifically for the weddings and I had to order and then send back four different kinds before I finally got these, pair #5, that fit right and that I liked. (yay for Prime returns!) These aren't amazing quality but they are comfortable + cute and the price was good, so I was happy! Liz + Rebecca got their sandals from thrift stores. Allison's were the Lifestride Women's Neva Platform Sandal, in metallic. She has had hers for three years and they are still holding up great!
We don't have the professional pictures back from the double wedding yet, so a few iPhone pictures will have to suffice! I was given the opportunity to help look for ideas for navy dresses for us bridesmaids. The requirements was something cheap + lovely + not too formal. =) I had seen a friend wear this same navy dress (as we are wearing) in a wedding I'd attended earlier this year, so I texted and asked where they had gotten it. Amazon for the win! This dress is the Vivienne brand Women's Midi Length Dress w/ Bell Sleeves, in navy. Even though all three of us (Allison, Liz, + I) are all normally different sizes, we all ordered smalls, and they worked just fine for each of us without alterations. Knit dresses are awesome like that sometimes! The elastic waist and "slightly-below-knee" length was perfect for a little give or take.

We wore the same sandals for the Friday + Saturday weddings. (although we ditched them after the double ceremony and went barefoot for the farm reception!) 

Jewelry was necklaces from Walmart + bangle bracelets from Kohls. (I wasn't able to find similar to link)
When I found the women's dresses on Amazon, I remembered that I had seen an almost identical looking dress for little girls, over on a website I'd been browsing on recently.
 Sure enough, we were able to get the very same dress there, the Bell Sleeve Midi Length Dress for girls, in navy. They wore pearls + flower crowns as well and looked absolutely darling. =)

One of the very fun aspects of the weddings, to me personally, was how very VERY different they were from each other. I loved how all three of the brides did such amazing jobs picking their favorite colors/styles + blending those together for their respective weddings, into two equally beautiful but very different looks. 

Also just a little tip to brides everywhere: knit dresses for bridesmaid dresses are fabulous choices! For one thing, they are much less expensive than formal/traditional bridesmaid dresses, and for another thing, they are so much more practical to re-wear! My sisters and I have already worn our dresses multiple times after the weddings. They are super comfortable + fit so well for a variety of occasions.

I don't do outfit detail posts like this very often, but a number of people were asking, so I decided to put together a few pictures + links to answer with a post! I know that, at least for me, it is always fun to get direct links to other people's outfit inspirations. =)
Hope y'all enjoy this post-let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. I absolutely love the Navy dresses!! Everyone's hair looked lovely as well!

  2. This is super helpful, Chels - thank you! You four were simply stunning. (:

  3. YES! Love this post and the dresses are gorgeous!

  4. Yes! Loved this post, Chelsy! You ladies looked beautiful!

  5. Very fun. Love y'all's practical and budget-friendly outlook whilst still looking absolutely smashing!!

  6. Chelz I really had to look very closely to figure out which you were. I first glance I said there are 2 Allison's. Funny.

    1. That is funny-people hardly ever think we look alike! But maybe in these we did!

  7. Did you add a sash to the burgundy dresses? They're so simple and elegant!


    1. Yes, we added burgundy ribbon for a sash, to dress it up!

  8. where do you get your dresses?????

  9. Hey Chelsey I really wanted to get the Mikarose dress but can't seem to find it, could you help?

    1. If you click on the link, it takes you right to the dress on the Mikarose site. =)
      It is also available on Latter Day Bride, this link:


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