Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hackelburg Family Portraits || September 2017

I got to know Kayla + her family about 3-4ish years ago when they attended one of our concerts in Michigan, where they live. We've stayed in touch throughout the years and I so enjoy spending time with her + her family whenever we see each other at camp, weddings, conferences, or concerts. =) 

I've mostly dropped my photography the past few years, but I still have my cameras and every now and then I do a shoot for someone. They asked me to do a quick family session for them when we were all in Lansing for family camp, and so we grabbed these few shots one evening before dinner. 
This little lady has grown up so much since I took her 6mon pictures a few years ago!
When I told her to open her eyes a little wider...=)
She lost that other front tooth right before our session! 
Sweet little sisterhood
I told the two older girls to give a little sass with their hands on their hips and little miss in the middle thought she should, too!
The whole family
Daddy + his boys
Love them!


  1. Aww! Love the Hackelburg family! They are such a sweet fam!
    See you soon Chels! (I can't believe you will be married in 15 days!!)

  2. You did a beautiful job Chels! I'm so thankful for you and your friendship! Love ya and can't wait to hug you soon!


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