Monday, August 19, 2019

My Favorite Nursing-Friendly Clothing Styles || Part One

The nursing-friendly clothing issue is a BIG one for mamas everywhere, at least all the mamas I've talked to! You have that baby and say bye-bye to your maternity wardrobe, but discover that your former tee shirts and fitted blouses are too tight (everywhere!) and if you are like me, you all find out in a hurry that most of the dresses in your closet just don't work for nursing. At all.

Since Axton has been born, I've (slowly) been on a search to add fun, staple pieces into my wardrobe that will work well for the this nursing season. Buttons and wraps on blouses/dresses have become my key search words, and I always instantly check if an online boutique has a "nursing friendly" section.

I've loved Amazon for this because actual thrift and mall shopping is more hit and miss for nursing styles in particular, and with Amazon prime I can search exactly what I want and send it back easily without hassle etc. (sizing can be strange anyhow but when you're a nursing/postpartum mama even YOU don't know what size you are and fast free returns are life savers for all the things that don't work!)

To all you new wives/ladies who hope to be mamas in the next few years, do yourself a favor and start transitioning at least part of your wardrobe into nursing-friendly options now. You will thank me when you have a brand new baby/not much time to go out to shop/try things on, and realize that hardly anything in your closet works for this nursing business!

A few last things: I know you're gonna ask why I didn't link the knit dress I am wearing in the post title picture, and that is because it was thrifted. However, it is a great nursing dress because the entire neckline is elastic and it can easily be pulled down for nursing.

I'm impulsively adding a "part one" to the title of this post because I have found this to be a big topic with all the mamas I've talked to, and I'm also hoping I will have more great finds in the future. So maybe this will become a little series.
This lovely summer dress has been by FAR my most often worn, most often complimented, and most comfortable nursing-friendly piece thus far. I love love LOVE it. It is the perfect dress for summer! The flutter sleeves add class and the wrap bodice stretches perfectly for nursing but then bounces right back and lays great the rest of the time. I usually wear it with a cami for more coverage but the neck is higher than most wrap dresses and might be fine without depending on your preference. I bought a medium and it fits me perfectly. The elastic/gathered waist is super forgiving and slimming to the leftover ten pounds that are still hanging around (!!!) and the material lays perfectly everywhere, really. I'm 5'6" and it hits just at the top of my knee. 
This dress is also perfect for multiple occasions! Pair it with white wedge heels and pearls for a wedding, or with tan/brown sandals/jewelry (like I did here) for a girls shopping day out, or messy bun/barefoot for around the house/home! 
I honestly can't count the times I've worn it since I ordered it earlier this summer. Just do yourself a favor and buy it. 
You can (obviously) also wear it if you aren't nursing, or aren't a mama, or whatever. I'm pretty sure it would work great for a baby bump too!
(sadly, when I was linking it, I discovered they no longer have the exact print of my dress available. But they have a host of other options, and also carry the dress in sleeveless styles as well)
This knit floral shirt is so fun; fully functional buttons all the way down the front, extra room and a fun little tie in the front (again, works miracles for slimming you down and hiding that extra baby weight!) and adorable ruffles on the sleeves. I usually wear a cami but again it is borderline and you might be fine without! It isn't sheer at all but very breathable and lightweight which are big summer wins in my book. And again, it comes in multiple prints/colors!
I paired it with a size medium elastic waist H+M pencil skirt that I found at Salvation Army last year and wore all through pregnancy. 
(This could maybe win the worst mirror portrait of the year award for multiple reasons, but hey. My son isn't old enough to be my personal photographer yet so ya do what ya gotta do to get a shot, ha!) 
This adorable graphic tee isn't technically nursing-friendly but I have a little hack to tell you about-how I transition tees into nursing friendly tops! I have loved my graphic tees for postpartum because I can pair them quickly and easily with a basic maxi skirt and viola! I have a comfy and fun outfit that doesn't look like pajamas all day but it feels almost like it! Graphic tees also tend to be a bit looser than your typical tee and hello mamas-we are ALL about a little looseness! 
The hack? You can pair your graphic tee with a nursing cami underneath and you've got your coverage! Especially if your child is like mine and likes to kick and wiggle and do allll the things while he is nursing, it is really nice to have your "middle self" covered with that cami for the time he suddenly kicks out his legs and attempts to emerge from the nursing cape.
(Graphic tee is courtesy of my dear cousin who is also a boy mom and got us matching shirts.So fun!)

I really wish I had a great recommendation for a nursing cami with a high enough neckline to wear for just the neckline, but the only ones I've found that I like are borderline high enough, and the lace neckline is starting to pull/rip a little, so I mainly just stick with wearing them under shirts that already have high enough necklines but don't have zippers/buttons/etc. These are the ones I have. In my opinion, they are overpriced, and really weren't exactly what I wanted (and I even ended up cutting out the weird insert straps inside the top part, and then also sewing in the sides because the cami is so loose at the bottom) but I just haven't been able to find anything else that I like better, so for that reason I recommend them because they are better than nothing. I'd love to hear if anyone else has found better options! 
This white zipper top is super soft and comfortable. It comes in about a dozen colors and I need to get another one in black for sure-it is such a great basic top. The cap sleeves and and lose-laying bottom half with it's rounded/tunic style hem are such cute features. I wasn't sure what I thought of the zipper look initially but it was worth a try, and I have been very impressed. I was worried about it randomly sliding open (yikes!) but it is very secure and only moves when I adjust it myself, and I can wear it however high/low I want. Also, one of the first times I wore it, one on of my nieces told me that she "likes my zipper" so there's that. =) 
It also zippers down far enough for very comfortable nursing. (some zipper tops don't) 
I'll end with a pic of me wearing the white zipper shirt a different day (earlier this summer) because I know that in reality we're all here for pictures of my child and isn't he CUTE. So squishable. 

So let's chat! Where are your favorite places to find nursing-friendly clothing? Would you like more posts like this in the future if I hit on more great finds? 


  1. I absolutely love seeing your great finds for nursing/maternity since this has totally been on my mind latterly...Lol
    My sister is expecting now, and we’ve been having a ball trying to find things that are practical and stylish. Your suggestions are so much appreciated! And you are adorable, along with that cute little boy. Xoxoxo Many blessings to you!

  2. I'm not nursing anymore but I love to see suggestions on looser fitting (but not frumpy) clothes for us still struggling later with post partum bodies. These options are all cute and flattering on a variety of body types!

  3. I enjoy seeing your finds! My best "nursing tank hack" is this blog I found. A way to modify a cheap $1.89 tank from walmart into a nursing tank with my nursing bra. Hope this helps you too!

    1. What a genius idea! I'll have to try this. Thankyou!

  4. I have lived in this dress this Summer :) It comes to the tops of my knees but as I am only 5ft1 it may be too short for some.

    1. One of my sisters told me about their site quite a while ago and I totally forgot about it. Good ideas! And cute dress. =) I am quite a bit taller so length is always an issue for me, but looks like they have lots of other cute things as well!

  5. Love all your suggestions! I've nursed three babies and still nursing the third and my all-time favorite nursing camies are from Undercover Mama! They are perfect for me!

  6. Hi Chelsy!
    I love this post! My Walmart has a maternity section in the women's section and they have great nursing tanks. Also check out Kohl',,, you'll be surprised at how much more they have online than in-store!!! I've found lots of nursing shirts on sale or clearance at Kohl' lately! Also boutique's like Roolee carry nursing dresses, just wait for a sale.
    Looking forward to to more!

    1. Great ideas; thanks for sharing!
      I found some awesome maternity options at kohl', and a number of my thrifted maternity clothes were Old Navy brand.
      Another friend just recommended Roolee as well; I'll have to check it out!

  7. What size are you wearing for the white zipper top? Looking into getting one. :)

  8. Umm your little man is positively adorable!

    Love this post - finding cute and more modest nursing friendly tops can be tricky! I just finished nursing my second a few months ago and I feel like his time around I opted for a lot more loose fitting tops with longer nursing camis underneath rather than a top with a neckline that can be pulled down. My favorite nursing cami is here - not for a higher neckline, but because I love the length and how it hooks right into a nursing bra -

  9. I love the first nursing dress you linked to! You are exactly right about transitioning your wardrobe to nursing friendly dresses. After 5 kids, I have only one or two dresses (that I love too much to get rid of) left in my wardrobe that are not nursing-friendly!

    I just had one suggestion: you mentioned struggling with the nursing cape, and I wondered if you had heard of this new style of nursing cover. It gives 360 degree coverage and has more than one use (also works as a car seat cover and high chair cover). I have been primarily using this nursing cover with my baby this time and absolutely love it. It feels more discreet as compared to nursing with a cape. The one I have was gifted to me and I can't find it online right now, but there are other options on Amazon like this:

    1. Yes! My nursing cover is actually just like this one, only a diff color. But one of my sisters in law has that exact floral one as well! They work great!
      It is only recently that my son has been trying to crawl out and/or pull it up. =)

  10. Really great, practical post! I agree, it is a good idea to start getting nursing-friendly clothes before baby comes along. I wish I had done that because I was really scrambling those first few weeks, haha!

  11. A blogger I have followed for many years highly recommends Glamourmom nursing tops. She's a mama of 4. Here's a link to her take on them:

  12. Yes, Axton is adorable!! Love seeing pictures of him!!! :)


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