Monday, September 30, 2019

Baby Teething Tips

Hello friends! I come to you with this post today, during the throes of teething season in this little Maxwell household! Axton is really doing remarkably well, all things considered, especially as he started teething super early. (two months old!) We felt like throwing a partyyyyyy when he finally popped tooth number one on August 27th! However I quickly realized that just because one tooth has popped doesn't mean that all the rest will follow easily and painlessly. We wish, but no. All in all, he has done so well, and been such a trooper through this teething season. 

Oh, and because we are quite proud of it, if you wish to see, you will notice his little pearly white sticking out to the left of his little fist in the photo above!

Here are a few of his favs that have made this season a little easier for us!
Snuggles. Allll the snuggles. We have definitely had a number of days where extra cuddles, singing, and rocking were in order. These have been special little times and I love being his mama and having the ability to calm him and help him have something extra special even in the middle of a sore little mouth!

Homeopathic Oral Pain Relief
This little quick-disolving tablets are a GAME CHANGER! Absolutely love them-and Axton does, too. They are super tiny and dissolve as soon as they are damp, so they are perfect to pop in his mouth. At first he would even notice it, but now he does and he loves sucking on them and tasting them dissolve in his little mouth. They really seem to work and take away some of the pain for him, which is amazing.

Gel Teether Toys
We have a couple kinds, and this is one of them. Axton LOVES these. I keep them on a little shelf/cubby in my freezer and get them out for him once or twice a day for him to chew on for a while. The cold gel feels so good to his little gums-I can tell by the way he will just munch on them so contentedly. Also, he gets very excited whenever I get them out of the freezer for him, which is so cute!

Silicone Teethers
Again, just some fun little fruit teether toys that feel good to his gums. I often keep these in the diaper bag etc as they don't need to be cold like the gel teethers. They are perfect for grabbing quick when we are out and about and I want to give him something to chew on.

Vibrator Corn Cob Teether
John got this for Axon and he loves it-the vibrator has been a very fun discovery, especially as it is the only battery operated toy Axton has, and I can tell it feels good on his little gums too. (and yes. I'm still a Bontrager daughter and as thus I would not normally rep John Deere in this way, but Case IH let us down by not having a similar toy so...=))

We also have a variety of oils and tinctures that I like. One is a blend we got from a homopathic chiropractor-it is a mixture of oils/extracts and I give it to him orally with a little dropper. He loves it.

And then some favorites that I can rub on his jaw/neck are baby blend rollers called Gentle Baby/Happy Baby/Copaiba (diluted with carrier oils to make them safe for babies) made from Copaiba, Lavender, etc.
And then of course there are just things we have around the house, like a clean washcloth dipped in cold water (he LOVES chewing that!) or my silicone kitchen spatulas, or carrot/celery sticks. I often keep carrot/celery in cold water in my fridge, cut up and ready to go for a quick and easy snack, and he loves chewing on these. They are especially ideal for before baby has any teeth because then there is no danger of them chewing off a portion and choking. For that matter, I let him chew on all sorts of veggies (zuchinni, cucumbers, kohlrabi, peppers, etc) before he had teeth. Now that he has a razer sharp little tooth, he can bite apart the softer veggies and those definitely is a choking hazard at this point, so we aren't doing them for the time being unless they are mashed, or two hard for him to bite apart.
I hope these are helpful to you and your little one in their teething experience! And I'd love to hear about other favs that made teething go more smoothly for your babies! Comment below!
Happy Monday!

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  1. For us, "Kid-e-Col" by Dr. Christopher has been a life saver! It is an herbal tincture (non-alcoholic). I believe it's available on Amazon. I'm so glad you found things that work for you! :)

  2. He's really such a cute baby!!
    We also used those Hyland's tabs and they really seemed to work well. My little boy also liked chewing on his baby spoons when he was teething. Also, he never liked to take a pacifier except when he was getting his front teeth. Then he was all about chewing a pacifier, but once the teeth came in, he was anti-pacifier again, haha!

    1. Aww, thanks-we think so too. =)

      And yes, Axton LOVES his paci and it is a huge blessing especially during this teething season!

  3. Do u ever go to a dr or just believe in home remedies?

    1. Yes, we go to the doctor if necessary.
      But lots of times, home remedies do the trick for sickness etc! We are however very grateful for doctors and medical options, and we have a wonderful pediatrician for Axton.
      Note: Fun fact is that my emergency transfer for Axton's birth was the first time I had been to a hospital for care myself in 28 years-since my birth! =)

  4. Hi chelsey! Lil Axton is so cute! One thing I've found that seems to help with teething is herbal calcium from mountain meadow herbs.A non alcohol base tincture. One of our daughters had a hard time with teething and I would put 3drops of coconut oil and one drop of cloves essential oil..just rub it on gums, it numbs the pain for a while and often they can go to sleep ..enjoy your baby they grow up so fast! I love reading your posts! God bless ,sara

  5. Oh my goodness!! He has the cutest dimple����


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