Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A Few of My Pregnancy Favorites!

This post has been sitting in my drafts since partway through my pregnancy with Axton. I just never got it finished and posted back then. Now here I am, on round two, and I find myself using all of the same favorites again, as well as adding in a few new ones! 
I would've loved to read a post like this in my first pregnancy especially, so I hope that it can be helpful to any newly expectant mamas reading today! Maybe you aren't expecting but you have a pregnant sister/friend you could share it with, or you could bookmark it for "someday". I for one find that the tips/recommendations from those who have "done it before" are my favorite ways to learn, and I hope that can be the same for some of you as well!
Also! The above picture was taken during this pregnancy and I wanted to pop it in and also ask if y'all would be interested in a post with my tips for building a maternity wardrobe without breaking the bank? I would share outfit ideas/pictures, hacks, favorite brands and places to shop, etc. 
Let me know in the comments below! 
I wore the above top, this knit tunic in rust, through both of my pregnancies, and it has been SUCH a favorite! I actually bought it right after I got married-it isn't maternity at all!-but even after I got pregnant with Axton, I found that it worked perfectly for maternity. It was also a very forgiving and slimming postpartum piece to wear after Axton was born, and I've worn it this pregnancy as well.
(for reference, it fits true to size, and I got the size small)
(almost full-term with Axton)
This warm and lovely robe.
John bought me this robe (the light blue color option) just before winter, when I was pregnant with Axton, and I LOVE it! It isn't technically maternity, so I sized up. After having it for my third trimester with Axton, which was winter months, and then my first two trimesters with this pregnancy, I have to say that I highly recommend every pregnant mama to have a warm snuggly oversized robe for winter pregnancies. It is very warm and cozy and just perfect for winter. I'm currently on the lookout for a pretty summer option for my last trimester and postpartum days! Any recommendations anyone?
Here's a picture of me wearing the same robe, this pregnancy! Axton and I had both just woken up in this picture, hence the morning faces. =)

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
(the pictured tea was given to me; the link is for a similar kind on Amazon)
This stuff is amazing! I drank a big 24oz cup of it every day during the end of my pregnancy with Axton. (I'm a little behind this pregnancy and have been taking some raspberry leaf capsules instead, and doing different flavors of tea) I know some ladies start taking raspberry tea earlier on in their pregnancies, and there are varying opinions on when is the best time to start. I've found that I like it best chilled, so I steep it, then add a bunch of ice cubes to chill it, and sip on it for the next few hours. Perfect!
A friend sent me the sweetest little "congratulations" package in the mail following our pregnancy announcement, and this tea was one of the items she included. I have loved brewing a cup of it almost every morning to have during my quiet time. It is a delicious blend!
I cannot recommend this stuff highly enough! Every mama needs it in her cupboard and in her hospital bag! Without going into too much detail, it is a life saver for keeping mamas regular and keeping everything moving correctly. I didn't have to take a single prescription after labor, I just went straight back on this and had no issues. GET YOURSELF SOME. Mama or not. We all need our bodies functioning well and properly! =)

Prenatals. This is the list that I took everyday (some earlier, some added in closer to birth) while I was pregnant with Axton. The bottles list the recommended time for taking each, which is very helpful. I honestly didn't do tons of research with what I took, but instead asked questions and used what my midwives recommended.

Rainbow Light Prenatal Multivitamin
Evening Primrose Oil
Wild Harvest Alfalfa
Dr Christophers Birth Prep 6 Week Formula
Mountain Meadow Herbs Gentle Birth 

The multivitamins I started on the beginning of my pregnancy, and they are actually great for taking throughout nursing/postpartum as well. (I slacked and didn't stay so consistent during that time) The next three I took for about the last month before Axton was born. And the Gentle Birth, I just started the week before he was born. I should've been taking it longer, but forgot about it and didn't get it ordered til last minute. One of my friends highly recommended it and said it really helped with her births, and my midwife also suggested it. I'm planning to start it earlier this time.

Of course, with these things, I don't really have anything with which to compare, since I have only completed one pregnancy and birth thus far. I will say, however, that my actual pregnancy and my recovery from birth with Axton were both amazing and I have to think that some of that is attributed to some of these products!
My midwife had me add in this one this pregnancy. It is supposed to be good for a number of things. 
Earth Mama Organic Morning Wellness Tea
My dear mother send this tea to me in a sweet little birthday package and I loved it as well! I've become a bit of a tea junkie during pregnancy, I think. =) I am not positive if it helped at all with the morning sickness; it is honestly so hard to know what helps and what doesn't when one is trying so many things! But it was yummy and soothing and definitely good for me so I fully enjoyed every cup.
Motion Sickness Patches
I have tried just about everything for my morning sickness. Sometimes, these seem to help. Other times, not-yesterday morning and this morning I threw up even though I had just put them on. They aren't listed for helping with morning sickness, but you never know til you try what might work! My  husband has been incredible in researching and buying multiple things for me to try, and it has been such a blessing.
A reader of my husbands' family's blog shared some ginger pills with my mother-in-law, and she shared them with me. The ginger seemed to help with the nausea, so I tried these natural ginger dramamine pills when I ran out of those, and they seemed to be very similar. Again, I couldn't always tell that they worked, but there were definitely a few times I felt like they did.
Hiccapop Maternity Pillow
Saving the best item for last...=) Oh my goodness, this pillow is a pregnancy GAME CHANGER! I have heard SO many women talk about how hard it is to get comfortable when pregnant and trying to sleep. John was so sweet; he researched and then bought me a couple of different kinds of maternity pillows to try out for my pregnancy with Axton, and this one ended up being the one that I kept. It was the smallest but was the one that was most comfortable and worked the best for me. I absolutely loved it, and now am loving it again! Who knows, it could partly be genetics, but I will attribute much of my good sleep during all nine months of my pregnancy with Axton (I literally slept great right up until the night I went into labor!) and now with this second pregnancy as well, to this nifty little contraption. It allows me to sleep on my side and supports my growing bump perfectly.
(in the picture, I'm holding it up so you can see the brand/name on the side, but when I use it I lay it flat-it is a wedge shaped pillow-and it slides perfectly underneath my belly)

Other important things for me during pregnancy have been drinking water, getting chiropractor adjustments and prenatal massages, taking magnesium baths, and walking. I did not do very well with consistent exercise during my pregnancy with Axton, but I am trying to get out and walk often this spring and I can already tell a difference in my energy levels!

Let's chat! I would love to hear if you've already tried some of these things, or if you have any favorites to add! Also, please leave a comment if you would be interested in the maternity style post I mentioned in the beginning! 

Happy Wednesday!

(note: all of the items linked in this post are affiliate links to items we have and love! 
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  1. Amen to the Natural Calm! Definitely helped me stay "regular" and helps me feel so much better!I would also say lots of exercise and drink plenty water.:)

  2. It's been a good many years since I've been a new mama (my only is 13) but I love reading your posts about being newly (in my world lol) married, having children, etc.

  3. I love that you've been posting more lately. You mentioned quiet time in your post, is this something that is scheduled in every day?

    1. I’d call it habitual more than scheduled. But yes, quiet time (in the Word and prayer) is an important part of every day!

  4. I would love a post on building a maternity wardrobe!

  5. The battle with all-day nausea is definitely the most difficult part of pregnancy for me! I’m In my first trimester with my 3rd right now and having little kiddos plus being quarantined is making this season extra tricky! I’ll have to try some of the teas you recommend! And I’d love maternity wardrobe ideas!

    1. Congratulations on another little one on the way! So sorry you have all-day nausea; so rough!
      Hope you enjoy the teas!

  6. Dear chelsy. I love seeing other mamas using natural medicine! Ive used gentle birth for all five of my pregnancies. I definitely recommend it. I would have had a csection for our first , had I not taken it. I also love Calm, i use it all the time! Have you heard of eating dates every day for the last mo.? My friend tried it and said it made her labor so much better! Just a thought!
    Hope you are keeping well and healthy. And hope your morning sickness stops soon... i feel for you very much;)

    1. No, I haven't heard of eating dates! Interesting idea! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Morning sickness can be so awful. My first pregnancy was very bad. I should've been hospitalized. With each baby after it got better and better. I have 5 lovelies now. I feel that maybe when they are all close together you can make the schedule similar which should make it easier on the parent. But when you have a mix of ages it gets more challenging. 😉

    1. Bless your heart! Sounds like you had it very badly!

  8. Wow, your hair has gotten so long!!! Or has it always been this length??? More tips and pics would be great lol. Praying GOD blesses you during your pregnancy:D

    1. No, I have had it quite a bit shorter (close to shoulder length) a number of times! But I have been growing it out for a while now. I love it long. =)
      I don't really have a great hair care routine or helpful tips, but I do I try to get mine trimmed once or twice a year for sure to keep the ends thick and healthy! I think my family has naturally "good genetics" for thick hair and lots of it, so I'm blessed in that department. =)

  9. Love seeing your updates sweet friend!❤️ As soon as things return to more normal we need to get together in person!! All the girls miss you and you need to meet the rest of our new additions! 🌻Stay healthy! 🌻 Maureen Werner

  10. I would love a maternity style post!!

  11. I know it's a bit late to recommend something for morning sickness this time, but for next time, try sea bands! They are wrist bands with a hard ball attached to the inside. The ball pushes on a pressure point that helps relieve nausea. :)

    1. Yes, I have tried those! Thanks for the recommendation though!


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