Saturday, June 13, 2020

Weekend Roadtrip & Wedding!

Just three weeks ago today found us in Ohio celebrating the lovely wedding of John's younger brother  Jesse to his beautiful bride Anna! It was an amazing day in so many ways and we were so privileged to be a part of it! 
(first morning stop, and breakfast on top of the car =))

We left bright and early on Friday morning. Well actually, it was more early than bright-we hit the road at 2am! It had been a long time since we drove through the night for a road trip and we were curious to see how Axton would do sleeping in his carseat for that long. Overall, it was a great success, and I think we'll be doing this schedule again. John stayed perky for driving with coffee and podcasts, and Axton and I were both able to sleep quite well.
And here is the little sleeping angel. We got his new carseat just before the trip and he loved it. Previously he had still been in his infant one, and he had quite outgrown it with his legs sticking out over the front! This "facing forward" business was a whole new adventure for him and he greatly enjoyed being able to see everything much better from his new position. 
That is, when he wasn't snoozing. =) 
We got him this Graco carseat, the 2 in 1 version, and so far we have been really really happy with it.
We made it to our hotel by early afternoon and had time for naps and dinner before the rehearsal. Axton enjoyed his daddy's creative means of transportation for him. =)
After naps and changing for the rehearsal, we walked over to the next door Cracker Barrel for dinner. It was the first time Axton had been out to a restaurant since before quarantine. He was all eyes and very impressed with everything.
Ready to dig in to his grilled cheese and French fries!

We spent the evening at the church for the rehearsal. No rehearsal dinner made it a little different, but it was still a very sweet time and fun to see everyone.
Saturday morning dawned warm and beautiful. John was best man and helped in so many ways during the day. His problem solving skills and people personality made him an amazing best man, in my humble opinion. =) 
Bridal party pictures!
(my sisters and I)
Before family pictures and the actual wedding, Axton and I enjoyed some extra time to hang out with some of my family who had come from Iowa to attend the wedding.
(side note: Anna's family has been good friends of my family's for years, and Anna and her sisters provided the beautiful live music at John and my wedding! Jesse and Anna also actually met at my family's family camp three years ago! Small world!)
Our little family! Axton had just woken up from a nap before the family pictures and he was solemn as could be, which is quite unusual for him. Hence his "no smiling". =)
I got my dress from Amazon, and was so happy with it. I ended up sizing up and then sewing it in a bit under the arms. It is this dress, in the navy/red floral option, size large. 
The wedding was simple, meaningful, and beautiful. Such a very special celebration!
I sadly took hardly any pictures. Chasing an active toddler while being 37 weeks pregnant with baby #2 somehow has a way of making picture taking go to the back burner! But I am thankful for these few I got, and the memories will definitely last a lifetime anyways!
Axton loved burning off energy in the church parking lot with Auntie Rebs, after the wedding.
Snuggles and bottle with Nana before heading out towards home!
Middle of the night stop for fuel, bathrooms, bottle, and diaper change. Oh, and a little "practice" at the wheel with daddy. =)

And that is a little recap of our last roadtrip and wedding before baby comes! 
Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Axton should be rear facing until he is at least two. It is fine if his feet stick out. This is actually the law in many states and what all pediatricians will tell you. It is just so much safer. I don't say this to judge but out of concern for his safety.

    1. Thankyou for sharing your concern!
      Kansas law says only children under the age of one have to be in rear-facing car seats.

  2. Hello Chelsy! Reader from Greece here, the other side of the world! How are you feeling? Are you close to giving birth and will you let us know when you do?

    1. I am feeling fabulous! My due date is tomorrow but at this point I don't think I'm going to make that. =)
      Yes, I will post about new baby after it arrives!

  3. With quarantine and everthing going on it is SO nice to see things like this.
    Roadtrips, family gatherings and weddings are a balm to my soul.

    Your little guy is such a cutie!

    Sending prayers to you in these final weeks of pregnancy.


    1. I agree and feel the same way!
      And thank-you for your prayers!

  4. Looks like a great road-trip. I love your dress! And Axton is really cute!

  5. Axton is such a cutie. I enjoyed the pictures.

  6. Congratulations to Jesse and Anna. Wishing them happiness and blessings. Chelsy Axton is adorable. Praying for you and the baby.
    God Bless
    Marilyn,Joan and Marion

  7. Thanks for the update! Jessie and Anna look like two adorable perfectly suited peas in a pod. Best wishes for many many years of happiness for them!

    When my daughter was little we often found road trips, even just driving aimlessly around the county for an hour or so, were the only way to get her to sleep so I'm not surprised that Axton did so well. I'm loving the pics of your ever growing family and remembering the joy of starting out. You guys are all so adorable and seem so well suited for each other. It is a true joy every time I read a new post!

    Beat wishes for an easier delivery this time!

    I understand young family life is so busy, especially with a family as large and active as yours, but I would love if you posted more often.

  8. Can you give details on your vacation budget and how you choose hotels etc?


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