Friday, July 17, 2020

Elliot's Newborn Photo Session

Just six days after he was born, Elliot had his newborn photo session. My sister in law does these newborn sessions for all the new Maxwell babies and as always, she did a stellar job! I personally think these are her best pictures yet. Elliot is such a precious little package! And his little sleeping smiles just slay me every time!
We got some shots with our little family of four!
I have to laugh every time I see Axton's expression on this one. =)
Axton is so proud of his little brother.
This is the signature nose wrinkle he has after giving baby Elliot "sugar".
I've said it before but I'll say it again--you think you love your husband, and then you see him as a daddy and fall in love with him all over again! These are some of my FAVORITE pictures.
Hope y'all enjoyed these pictures! I know I will treasure them for always!
Comment below with your favorites!

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Lovely pictures! Elliot and Axton look so sweet together.

  2. Axton's nose wrinkled expression is priceless.They're both adorable!:)

  3. I think my favorites are the third and fourth pictures. Congratulations on little Elliott...I like the name!

  4. I love the ones with the knitted hat. So cute!

    I’m curious about their names. I know their middle names are family names, but do you have a special theme for their first names as well? Or did you just pick names you liked?

    1. The main idea was just picking names we liked. =)
      John found the name Axton and we both loved it. We had never heard of anyone with that name before.
      With Elliot, my brother Denver's middle name is Elliot. We also greatly admire the faith of the missionary Jim Elliot. Ultimately, John and I both loved the name, so Elliot it was. =)

  5. The last one is my favorite.

  6. The pictures are wonderful! I like the 3 men picture; Axton's got the cutest smile in that one. And the family photo near the beginning. May both your boys be men of God as they grow up. Praying!

  7. Oh my goodness, so precious, Chels, I cannot choose a favorite! ❤ God bless!

  8. Thank You for sharing these lovely photos of your family. Axton and Elliot are just so precious.
    Joan.Marilyn and Marion

  9. So precious! I couldn't choose a favorite because they are all so nice.

    Is the A, E first letter name a pattern or just coincidence? How about that both boys have an X in their name? I love hearing about reasons names were chosen! Outside of the reasons their names were chosen, my children all have 4 letter nicknames with the first letters all having the same peak first part of the letter N..., A..., M... Also, my name is Diana, and my only daughter is Anne. Yes, that was on purpose if you've ever read about Anne of Green Gables. I'm dark. My daughter fair. ;)

  10. I love these - you have a lovely family! Congratulations on those two dear little guys!

  11. Very precious❤ Can't wait to hear the birth story!!

  12. So adorable! Cannot wait to hear Elliot's birth story!


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