Thursday, August 20, 2020

Allison’s Bachelorette Party & Iowa Trip

Two weeks ago we traveled to Iowa for the weekend so that I could host Allison's bachelorette party. We rented a VRBO and all of the bridesmaids and the two mothers were invited. It was lovely time filled with food, fun, and relaxation! 

Allison requested homemade pizza and GF SF brownies for dinner on Friday night. We added in tossed salad and Izzies to round out the menu. It was delicious!
If you haven't experienced Izzie drinks, you need to try them! They are delicious and a very fun healthier alternative to soda!
After dinner we had a pantry shower for Allison. She got so many fun gifts---canned things, spices, snack type foods, sparkling juices, and tons of chocolate. =)

Next up, Elizabeth planned a very fun "how well do you know Allison" game. There were all sorts of questions-everything from "what was Allison's first job?" to "which word describes her reaction when she found out Jeremiah was interested in her?" (and then three word options were given) It was a hilarious game and I think everyone learned some new things! I was pretty excited that I won-as the matron of honor, it seemed quite fitting that I would hopefully know her best! 

Winston and Elliot were the only two men in attendance. =)
People have been saying lately that Liz and I look alike. What do y'all think, yes or no?
Saturday morning breakfast was yogurt, granola, and fruit. All of the bridesmaids and the mothers pitched in and helped make the meals!
The whole crew! Bride, mothers, and bridesmaids-comprised of three sisters, three sisters in law, and three sisters in law to be! (also we can't forget those two tiny babes!)

Allison and I had one last coffee date "pre-wedding". Little man got to come along and get lots of snuggles from his auntie. =)
Fur-wheeler rides with daddy!
Uncle Hudson and Elliot. 
Elliot met Great-Grandma Bontrager for the first time. 
Very solemn, sweet, and matching cousins. These two are seven weeks apart and they like each other much more than it might appear in this picture. =)

It is always such a treat to go back to my previous home church, Marion Avenue Baptist. How I love all of my dear friends there!
After church we got to go out to lunch with my former pastor and his wife. Some of you may recognize them from our wedding-my pastor was the one who married us, and his wife was one of my bridesmaids! It was such a special time with them!
It really blows my mind to think that my brother Josh and I have FOUR BOYS between our two little families! How time has flown and God has multiplied our blessings! 
Budding musician buddies. How's that for a mouthful? =)
On the way home, Sunday evening, we stopped south of Des Moines to attend the lovely outdoor wedding of a friend of mine! It was a beautiful celebration. 
Family selfies are less and less perfect these days but it is the memories that count, not a perfect pose!
So wonderful to celebrate my beautiful sister throughout the weekend! Can't wait to post about her lovely wedding day next! 

Have you ever been a bridesmaid and/or helped throw a bachelorette party? Would love to hear your experiences in the comments below!


  1. I enjoyed your post! Allison's bachelorette party looks so much fun! And yes, I do think you and Liz look alike!

  2. Love the pictures, and can’t wait to see the wedding photos! Liz is more of a blend in looks between you and Allison, if that makes any sense. :)

  3. I watched your sister’s wedding on the livestream! It was beautiful although we couldn’t hear the singing.

    I don’t think you and Liz look that much alike. I think you resemble your mom and Liz resembles your dad. I do think Liz and Allison look like twins!

    - Val

  4. Izzies are so good! And yes, you and Liz DO look a lot a-like. I enjoyed the pictures, Chelsy!

  5. Enjoyed the pictures! Yes I think you and Liz look alike.

  6. Except for the eye color, you and your sister Liz, do look very much alike! I'm glad you enjoyed the time with friends and family. And your boys are SO adorable!

  7. Nice post! sounds fun!
    I think Liz looks more like Allison, or a mix of you and Allison


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